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  • Soaps & Shampoo

    Handmade Homam Soap

    All natural, SLS/SLES free handmade soap, fortified with the highly energized ashes of the homam performed at IWC is a perfect way to start (or end) the day. Free from harmful chemicals, filled with the cleansing properties of essential oils and divine energies of several mantras, bathing with this soap is a divine experience in itself.

    Divine ash of homam, which …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Wonder Hair Oil

    An all-in-one wonderful combination of 9 pure carrier oils known to nourish hairs from root till ends with added advantage of Hair Grow & Fenugreek (methi seed)  essential oils for arresting hair fall, premature greying, itchy scalp, dandruff & promoting healthy, shiny and bouncy hairs.

    Regular use of this oil may even promote growth of new hairs. True to it’s name …

  • Physical Wellness , Psychological Wellness

    Healing Mate

    As the name suggests, this oil acts like panacea. It can be used for various health conditions:

    • Get rid of that irritated mood, stress or even anxiety by applying couple of drops on Solar plexus and Throat area 2-3 times a day. Same can use used for improving sleep quality.
    • For Cough, cold, throat infections apply 4-5 drops on entire …
  • Skin & Hair Care

    Stay Young Cream

    This chemical free cream with Shea butter and cucumber gel as base is enriched with essential oils of rose, clary sage, patchouli, rosewood and cedarwood topped up with skin rejuvenating carrier oils like jojoba, almond, wheatgerm and pomegranate. This cream is ideal for keeping skin young and supple by reducing various signs of aging. Rose essential oil is known for …

  • Physical Wellness

    Healthy Joint Oil

    This wonderful oil is very effective in relieving pain of muscles, bones and joints. The oil contains carefully chosen essential oils particularly helpful in repairing damaged joint/muscle tissues by providing oxygen, nutrients, and lipids to the tissues promoting self recovering and regeneration making   it indispensable aid in arthritis, tendon tear, back pain etc.


    For muscle, joint pain apply  6-8 drops on …

  • Physical Wellness

    Immune Boost Oil

    Some essential oils can be particularly beneficial for the immune system as they are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal in nature. Not only can they aid in fighting off a wide range of pathogens, but they can also stimulate the immune system by detoxifying and invigorating it. Immune boost is a ready to use diluted to safety combination of many such …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Amethyst 6 Pointed Star Pendant

    • Star of David or 6 pointed Star balances the upper and lower chakras. It also balances and strengthens the upper, middle and lower sections of the aura giving you an overall healing effect.
    • Amethyst cleanses, energizes and strengthens the aura and helps …
  • Soaps & Shampoo

    Rose,Geranium soap with goat milk

    This handmade SLS, SLES free handmade all natural soap is enriched with excellent moisturizing properties  of goat milk and rose water with added advantage of geranium essential oil. The best way to start your day with intoxicating aroma of rose and lovely silky feeling on skin.

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Face Nikhar Cream

    This all natural Shea butter and cucumber gel based cream is enriched with essential oils of sandalwood and turmeric topped up with skin rejuvenating carrier oils like jojoba, almond, wheatgerm and pomegranate. Sandalwood and turmeric are known to reduce the skin damage caused by free radicals/pollutants restoring the health of the skin. They are also very effective in healing and …

  • Physical Wellness

    Respiratory Healing Mate Oil

    Especially formulated to handle issues related to lungs and respiratory system this oil contains several essential oils particularly good for  the health of respiratory system. Use it for problems like simple cold, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, enhancing lung capacity or other lung related problems.

    For cough, cold, asthma, lung regeneration apply 2-3 drops each on forehead and throat area. For lung …

  • Soaps & Shampoo

    Himalayan salt, neem, tulsi cleansing & clearing soap

    This handmade SLS, SLES free all natural Neem, Tulsi glycerine soap is especially good for keeping skin healthy and germ free. Neem oil is known to fight off various kind of skin infections, diseases and Tulsi essential oil, due to it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, benefits the skin by preventing blackheads, acne and relieves skin infections.

    Soap has added advantage of pink Himalayan salt …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

    All natural made with food grade ingredients, this lip balm is a safe way of keeping your lip smooth and hydrated. Cocoa butter in it works as an intense moisturizer while bee wax keeps this moisture locked. The almond oil in it hydrates the lips and peppermint essential oil being anti-septic in nature helps cracked lips heal faster.

    A must have …

  • Gift Packs

    Health Mate(स्वास्थ्य सखा)

    स्वास््य सखा (Health mate) is an effort of bringing you a combo of IWC most liked ready to use aroma oils in one, easy to use package to take care of your day to day life health issues. These oils have been consecrated with therapeutic energies to give you the maximum results.

    Immune boost oil (10 ml)
    Some essential oils can be …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Anti-acne tea tree face & body mist

    This chemical free mist which can be used on body and face alike, is prepared using Tea tree hydrosol as base with addition of essential oils & jojoba oil. Tea tree hydrosol is considered a good astringent.
    It tones large and makes skin tight and firm as well as shrinks pores and reduce excess oils. It’s strong anti-bacterial properties are beneficial …

  • Physical Wellness

    DentaHeal mouthwash salt

    Finely powdered salt with essential oils of clove,myrrh, turmeric, peppermint, etc is an excellent combination for combating various dental health issues. Regular use of this chemical free mouth wash makes teeth & gums disease free, stronger, healthier, white as well as fights bad breath.

    As mouth wash: dissolve a quarter teaspoon of it in mouthful warm water, swish in the mouth …

  • Physical Wellness

    Cedarmint Blend

    This blend is a combination of peppermint and cedarwood essential oil known to provide relief from various digestive problems like acidity, gastric, stomach pain, indigestion etc. This cooling and soothing blend of essential oils has to be diluted before use.

    External application: Apply 3-4 drops diluted in 9-12 drops of coconut/almond or olive oil on the Solar plexus area (front and …

  • Physical Wellness

    Menses Healing Mate Oil

    This oil is an all in one solution prepared with appropriate proportions of listed essential oils selected to suit the needs of any Menstrual problem, hormonal imbalance like PCOD and Pre Menopausal Symptoms, etc. Mildly diluted in coconut oil the solution can be used as it is.

    Usage :
    For painful, heavy or obstructed periods – start applying 6-8 drops on the …

  • Soaps & Shampoo

    Himalayan salt, rosemary & lavender cleansing & rejuvenating soap

    This handmade SLS, SLES free all natural glycerine soap enriched with high quality Himalayan pink salt and essential oils of Rosemary & Lavender is  especially good for keeping skin healthy and germ free. Apart from being naturally anti-bacterial, salt has capacity to break down dirty energy making it an ideal choice for thorough cleansing. Lavender and Rosemary have numerous skin …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Rose 6 Pointed Star Pendant

    Star of David or 6 pointed Star balances the upper and lower chakras. It also balances and strengthens the upper, middle and lower sections of the aura giving you an overall healing effect.

    Pink quartz naturally promotes loving and peaceful energies. It has calming and soothing effect …

  • Gift Packs

    Citrus Delight

    This Aromatherapy diffuser kit comes with a ceramic oil diffuser with 2 tea light candles and 4 citrus oils (10 ml each).

    1. Orange essential oil – the smell activates the brain to recollect the happy moments and bringing pleasant thoughts. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, diffuse it to create cheerful, stress free environment …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Regenerative lavender face & body mist

    This chemical free mist which can be used on body and face alike, is prepared using Lavender hydrosol as base with addition of essential oils & sweet almond oil. Lavender hydrosol has regenerative properties, rebalances skin in overly dry environments like airconditioned places, naturally very soothing & calming, reduces stress.

    External application: Spray on clean face/skin and leave it as it …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Anti-aging rose face & body mist

    This chemical free mist which can be used on body and base face alike, is prepared using Rose hydrosol as with addition of essential oils and vitamin E oil. Rose hydrosol is an anti-aging water based extract of rose. It heightens blood flow, therefore stimulating the skin regeneration, tightens pores and restores the skins Ph, balances production of sebum, induces …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Forgiveness Blend

    This blend is a combination of exotic pure essential oils of rose & geranium – known to induce feeling of love, lavender – encourages spiritual uplifting, neroli – mood elevating and frankincense –for detachment. A right mix of these feelings is capable of giving rise to forgiveness and acceptance making it easy to let go the hurts. And as a …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Clear Skin Cream

    This light weight aloe vera gel based cream is especially formulated to deal with the problems of acne, pimples and other skin eruptions. Cream is enriched with the essential oils of lavender, clary sage, juniper berry and tea tree topped up with acne friendly jojoba and coconut oils.

    Lavender soothes & nourishes the skin, reduces the appearance of dark spots and …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Focus Blend

    As name suggests this blend is a combination of pure essential oils that help improving concentration & focus with activating effect on the brain. The essential oil of lemon in this blend improves blood flow to the brain, peppermint enhances awareness, rosemary improves alertness & bergamot rids of anxiety. Use this blend when you need to be focused & sharp …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Joy Blend

    A joyful and exciting combination of pure essential oils of neroli, orange, lemon and lemongrass. Orange is known to reduce anxiety,  lemon makes one alert while neroli induces sense of joy topped up with the excitement created by lemongrass. Diffuse this blend to keep the environment energetic, cheerful and full of enthusiasm and joy. Best diffused during the daytime for …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Peace Blend

    A peaceful combination of pure essential oils of lavender, patchouli, bergamot and cedarwood especially effective in activating upper chakras and inducing sense of peace and tranquility. Diffuse this blend  to keep the environment free of stress, full of peace and calm. Ideal blend for diffusing in the evening after a hectic day at work to slow down and shift attention …

  • Psychological Wellness

    Anti-link – for psychic protection

    Powerful combination of frankincense, eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils is very effective in warding off the effect of negative psychic energies and unwanted elementals providing relief from psychic contamination. Foot bath of this blend is particularly very helpful in cutting unwanted links – a must to do ritual after visits to crowded or negative places. Diffusing this oil keeps the …

  • Gift Packs

    Beautiful Naturally

    Beautiful Naturally  is a gift set of handmade beauty products with pure essential oils . All natural; preservative & chemical free. Use these all natural, chemical free, loaded with fresh prana and goodness of mother nature to remain young and beautiful. A complete care for your skin & hair with:

    1. Walnut facial scrub – made with aloevera gel and walnut …

  • Skin & Hair Care

    Cooling peppermint face & body mist

    This chemical free mist which can be used on body and face alike, is prepared using Peppermint hydrosol as base with addition of essential oils & coconut oil. Peppermint hydrosol is cooling, uplifting and energizing, combats itching, redness and is good for allergic skin reactions. Helpful in hot flashes., motion sickness. It is Mentally stimulating and induces alertness.

    Enriched with the …