Forgiveness Blend


This blend is a combination of exotic pure essential oils of rose & geranium – known to induce feeling of love, lavender – encourages spiritual uplifting, neroli – mood elevating and frankincense –for detachment. A right mix of these feelings is capable of giving rise to forgiveness and acceptance making it easy to let go the hurts. And as a bonus, the beautiful and intoxicating aroma of the blend is a treat for the senses.

External application: Dilute it with equal amount of coconut/almond or olive oil and apply one drop each on the Solar plexus area (front and back), Back side of Heart, Throat and Agya (between the eyebrows). Oil can be applied 2-3 times a day depending on the severity of the problem. For faster results combine it with the practice of IWC forgiveness prayer.
Diffusing in the environment: 3-4 drops can be diffused in a tea light candle diffuser to fill the environment with the energies of forgiveness.

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