Cooling peppermint face & body mist


This chemical free mist which can be used on body and face alike, is prepared using Peppermint hydrosol as base with addition of essential oils & coconut oil. Peppermint hydrosol is cooling, uplifting and energizing, combats itching, redness and is good for allergic skin reactions. Helpful in hot flashes., motion sickness. It is Mentally stimulating and induces alertness.

Enriched with the essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Vetiver this mist is most suited for tanned, inflamed and allergy prone skin. Good for reducing mental fog by inducing focus and clarity.

External application: Spray on clean face/skin and leave it as it is.
Shake well before each use. Can be used many times during the day.


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100 ml


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