Citrus Delight


This Aromatherapy diffuser kit comes with a ceramic oil diffuser with 2 tea light candles and 4 citrus oils (10 ml each).

1. Orange essential oil – the smell activates the brain to recollect the happy moments and bringing pleasant thoughts. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, diffuse it to create cheerful, stress free environment to relieve depression or chronic anxiety, boosts confidence.
2. Lemon essential oil – Elevates mood, improves blood circulation in the brain making it a good choice for improving concentration.
3. Citronella essential oil – Fights negative feelings inducing a fresh, happy feeling and hope. Strong insect repellent, particularly effective on mosquito.
4. Lemongrass essential oil – Relieves headache, very effective insect repellent. When added in small quantity to lemon oil helps improve alertness of brain, good for studies. It’s always better to add lemongrass with other citrus oils in small quantity instead of diffusing it alone.

Diffuse 10-20 drops of these oils (except lemongrass) alone or mix 4 drops of each and 2-3 drops of lemongrass to create a blend for diffuser.



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