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  • Physical Wellness , Psychological Wellness

    Healing Mate

    As the name suggests, this oil acts like panacea. It can be used for various health conditions:

    • Get rid of that irritated mood, stress or even anxiety by applying couple of drops on Solar plexus and Throat area 2-3 times a day. Same can use used for improving sleep quality.
    • For Cough, cold, throat infections apply 4-5 drops on entire …
  • Physical Wellness

    Healthy Joint Oil

    This wonderful oil is very effective in relieving pain of muscles, bones and joints. The oil contains carefully chosen essential oils particularly helpful in repairing damaged joint/muscle tissues by providing oxygen, nutrients, and lipids to the tissues promoting self recovering and regeneration making   it indispensable aid in arthritis, tendon tear, back pain etc.


    For muscle, joint pain apply  6-8 drops on …

  • Physical Wellness

    Immune Boost Oil

    Some essential oils can be particularly beneficial for the immune system as they are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal in nature. Not only can they aid in fighting off a wide range of pathogens, but they can also stimulate the immune system by detoxifying and invigorating it. Immune boost is a ready to use diluted to safety combination of many such …

  • Physical Wellness

    Respiratory Healing Mate Oil

    Especially formulated to handle issues related to lungs and respiratory system this oil contains several essential oils particularly good for  the health of respiratory system. Use it for problems like simple cold, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, enhancing lung capacity or other lung related problems.

    For cough, cold, asthma, lung regeneration apply 2-3 drops each on forehead and throat area. For lung …

  • Physical Wellness

    DentaHeal mouthwash salt

    Finely powdered salt with essential oils of clove,myrrh, turmeric, peppermint, etc is an excellent combination for combating various dental health issues. Regular use of this chemical free mouth wash makes teeth & gums disease free, stronger, healthier, white as well as fights bad breath.

    As mouth wash: dissolve a quarter teaspoon of it in mouthful warm water, swish in the mouth …

  • Physical Wellness

    Cedarmint Blend

    This blend is a combination of peppermint and cedarwood essential oil known to provide relief from various digestive problems like acidity, gastric, stomach pain, indigestion etc. This cooling and soothing blend of essential oils has to be diluted before use.

    External application: Apply 3-4 drops diluted in 9-12 drops of coconut/almond or olive oil on the Solar plexus area (front and …

  • Physical Wellness

    Menses Healing Mate Oil

    This oil is an all in one solution prepared with appropriate proportions of listed essential oils selected to suit the needs of any Menstrual problem, hormonal imbalance like PCOD and Pre Menopausal Symptoms, etc. Mildly diluted in coconut oil the solution can be used as it is.

    Usage :
    For painful, heavy or obstructed periods – start applying 6-8 drops on the …