I could not meet my Guru in physical form and I had this deep curiosity to know how it feels to meet an enlightened person in physical form. For many years, I did not get a chance to meet anyone who said they are enlightened or they have seen God.In 2016, I was just browsing through some books on Amazon and a book cover caught my eye. This cover has a monk and I felt immense attraction to buy the book and read it. So, I bought this book – “If Truth be told” and started reading it

The book is an autobiography of a person who saw Divine Mother in physical form. He wrote his life story and his meet with Divine Mother. I was amazed to see that someone came out and boldly said he saw divine mother. Its fascinating to read his material journey as well as spiritual journey. Both are two extremes. He was a hard-core techie guy who ran software company , made money in millions and left everything in pursuit of God. I read the book multiple times and bought other books written by the author. Author’s name is Om Swami. I saw his videos on You Tube as well. My husband also read the book – If Truth be told and he too became a fan of Om Swami. For some months, he was our addiction and we both decided to go and meet this person

His ashram is in Himachal Pradesh. Neither my husband nor I have passion for travelling or adventures. So it was a bit scary to go to Himachal Pradesh and meet a monk whom we know only from his books.But we decided to trust our inner voice and somehow meet this person. I had questions in my mind like – Is he really as good as he is in his books? Is he real or some fake person who wrote a book? Amidst all these doubts, we set out to Himachal Pradesh in November 2016 for the birthday celebrations of Om Swami and reached the Ashram

Ashram is very beautiful. We both liked the place. There is a small temple in the ashram and it felt peaceful to sit in the temple. We saw Om Swami in the temple and it felt nice to see him. He is more charming than seen on You tube videos or photos . His smile is charming and he is handsome/beautiful. I thought – “ok, finally I saw an enlightened person in physical form. Its nice to see him but nothing amazing happened. Is this all it feels when you meet an enlightened person?”

Om Swami gave private audience to all those people who visited his ashram. My husband and I met him in his neat and simple room. He was looking like divine grace sitting infront of my eyes. His presence is more powerful than when I saw him in temple. My husband and I were just amazed to be in his presence . His smile is one of the most beautiful smiles I have seen in my life. He gave us his blessings and flowers and answered a question I had in my mind. After we came out of his room, both my husband and I lost track of time and space. We were in some kind of euphoria for some time which is beyond our understanding and words. We enjoyed the bliss and that’s when I understood what it means to meet an enlightened person

We planned to stay in his ashram for 4 days and visit Golden Temple in Amritsar for 1 day. But after experiencing his presence, we dropped our plan to visit Golden Temple and just stayed in his ashram for 5 days. Those 5 days are some of the most beautiful days of our life. Om Swami’s presence, Bhajans, Om Swami’s discourses, meditation, Delicious Parathas,┬ároaming around in ashram, Service…..There are no rules whatsoever. Everyone is free to do whatever they want to do. They are free to read a book, do service, do bhajans , sleep, facebook, chit-chat , meditate(any system) etc. I found this freedom fascinating. Generally, I dont feel like getting up at 4 AM but in Ashram , inspite of cold weather, I used to wake up around 4 AM and used to sit in temple soaking the divine energies.

He is more awesome than I read about him or saw on You Tube. His speech, his walk, his smile, the way he carries his robes, the way he gives Arathi, his way of playing piano, his humour, his hearty laughter, his singing – everything amazed me and my husband and we were lost in a wonderland for 5 days. We felt a bit sad to leave the ashram on the day of departure. I seriously thought of settling down in a village near by Ashram in Himachal Pradesh after my retirement and visit Swami ji regularly (I dropped this idea now as I understood Om Swami is more than his physical form and I need not be attached to his physical presence to experience Om Swami).After that, we have been visiting him every year and it is a great joy for us to see this divine person.

Om Swami has launched an app named – BLACK LOTUS – which is a world-class app for meditators. Several crores of rupees and several thousands of hours by best of the best techies went in to build this app. This is completely free. This has chants, meditations, ideas to generate good karma and best part is everything is tracked so that we really know where we are on our journey. Not only that, goals are set for our spiritual progress and we receive enough motivation to meditate, chant and do service. It has right combination of aesthetics, tracking, motivation and meditations/chants. I found this a great app to motivate myself to evolve spiritually. One great thing I liked about this App is I can practice any system and still use this app to track my progress. I highly recommend this app to everyone who is interested in their well-being.To know more about BLACK LOTUS in the words of Om Swami , please read his blog -http://omswami.com/2018/11/the-purpose-of-your-life.html

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu

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