I have been practicing Arhatic Yoga on and off since some years. I observed that whenever I practice Arhatic Meditations with Blue Triangle and Service, Tithing for just 40 days without a break for even single day(like a Deeksha), some great miracles happen in my life.Situations which troubled me for years dissolved in just 40 days of practicing Arhatic Yoga. Doors opened miraculously for situations where I reached dead-end in my life. So, all these experiences made me become a hard-core fan of Arhatic Yoga and I came to the conclusion that nothing can be more powerful than Arhatic Yoga. Though I came across several other spiritual systems in the last 9 years of my spiritual journey, nothing could attract me strongly because of the miracles I have seen with Arhatic Yoga. I never ever thought that one day I will write a review which says I experienced something more powerful than Arhatic Yoga.And today, that day has arrived.

My mentors have invented a new Yoga named Arhatic Theraupetic Yoga which integrates the Arhatic Yoga and Theraupetic Yoga. It has beautifully retained Arhatic breathing exercises, Blue Triangle and Arhatic Meditations in their original form(these 3 with the addition of Service and Tithing , when done for 40 days without even one day break , gave me miracles) and added several powerful components which took Arhatic Yoga to greater heights.And the best part is this takes same duration as Arhatic Yoga. After a gap of almost a month without practice of any meditations, my husband and I practiced Arhatic Theraupetic Yoga just for the last 4 days and I observed below changes in us

1. Quality of sleep has improved. We both got dreams of saints and Gods in these 4 days
2. Ability to forgive has improved greatly. Just a few days back, my ability to forgive for some situations was 2 to 3 hours. Now, I could forgive the same situations in 15 minutes.
3. Our physical stamina has increased by many-folds. This is the most fascinating part of this Yoga.Generally,on weekends, I feel like relaxing with a good book, good food and sleep at home. I don’t like to give my weekends for anything other than relaxation or a spiritual course or service(sometimes, I am lazy to do even service/spiritual course). Demanding physical activities on weekends sap my energy and I feel exhausted and irritated. I did few works just last weekend and I was tired.This weekend, my husband and I had to work for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday which involved lot of physical activities. We had to travel here and there doing many things. Our family members, who are younger to us by several years and usually stronger than me and my husband, are exhausted and tired. They just wanted to take a break and relax. Almost everyone around us  are tired due to these continuous physical activities.But surprisingly, inspite of non-stop work for 15 hours on Sunday, my husband and I both felt high in energy and we are ready to do more work though its 10 PM. This aspect amazed me greatly. I did not experience this with Arhatic Yoga or with any other spiritual practices I did in my life. No food gave me this kind of stamina. Usually, I am the first one to get tired when some demanding physical work is involved and this Sunday just amazed me.If I could experience this high level of energy with just 4 days of Arhatic Theraupetic Yoga, I wonder how greatly my stamina will increase if I can practice this for 4 months and for 4 years.
4. My confidence levels have increased in the areas where I used to experience low confidence levels
5. Meditation experience is deeper and more peaceful. The bliss and calmness of mind stayed for several hours of the day
6. I have become physically, emotionally, mentally stronger. I could not say No to some situations earlier. I said Yes even though I knew I had to say No. Now, I could say No when I wanted to say No and that too without being harsh with the other person.

These are the experiences I had in last 4 days. Its too early to write a review of anything just by practicing it for 4 days but this yoga is so transformational that I had no choice other than writing about this. I haven’t experienced anything like this in my entire life and I just cannot hold myself from telling the whole world about this Yoga. I wonder what miracles await me when I practice this for 100 days.

Huge gratitude to my mentors who invested several years of self-study, book-study, intense spiritual practices, research  and came up with this. Probably, this is their best invention till date.My Guru ,who gave Arhatic Yoga ,might be feeling proud and happy that someone could improvise Arhatic Yoga and make it many, many times more powerful.(My mentors invented several new things which greatly benefit humanity.They are a loving and beautiful couple donning several hats effortlessly like a child’s play. They are former IT managers and currently a mix of scientist, yoga teacher, healer, pranic healing and arhatic yoga teacher, meditator, managing director, website designer, software developer, carpenter, marriage counsellor, tailor, aromatherapist, whatsapp angels….). 

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu


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