I learnt wellness meditation in 2009 from my teachers Ruchi & Sanjil but started practicing it from 2012. In 2012, I went through suicidal tendencies and my teachers suggested me to practice this form of meditation. I did not believe that meditation can help me but tried it out diligently for 100 days as I did not have any other option. To my surprise, these 100 days changed my personality from a depressed person to a happy, cheerful person. I became a new person. This is how my meditation journey has started.

As I meditated more and more, I realized through my experiences that meditation is the answer for various problems in life like relationship problems, stress, career issues, low self-esteem etc. My years of practice has convinced me that wellness meditation should be practiced everyday for a happy and fulfilled life.

These experiences inspired me to become a meditation teacher. It gives me great joy to teach wellness meditation because this meditation can save lives and help people overcome depression. I strongly believe that everyone should practice this meditation at least for 100 days to experience its magic. To facilitate this, I keep conducting various meditation challenges like 21 days of meditation, 41 days of meditation and 100 days of meditation.

For upcoming meditation challenges, please refer here.

May every person experience the joy of wellness meditation!

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