Homam is a vedic tool that offer several benefits for one’s well-being. Beneficial herbs, nava dhanyas, cow ghee and cow dung cakes which carry various medicinal properties are offered in fire along with the chanting of sacred mantras.

Benefits of performing homam:

  1. Homam brings tremendous amount of good karma because it is a kind of service to atmosphere and mother nature.
  2. It brings huge downpour of divine blessings to the practitioner and family of the practitioner.
  3. Nava Graha Homam helps in pacifying malefic planets in an individual’s horoscope.
  4. The spiritual energies and smoke generated from homam positively impact the beings and people present in the surroundings of the place where homam is performed.

When can you perform homam?

You can perform it on any important occasion in your life like birthday, wedding anniversary, entering a new home or to offer gratitude to ancestors on their death anniversary. You can also do it on any auspicious day like full moon day, ekadashi or just a weekend as any day becomes auspicious by doing homam.

Our services

The homam service we offer is called as ‘IWC Esoteric Homam’. It is the signature homam of IWC designed by Ruchi & Sanjil and incorporates the teachings of Pranic Healing in this vedic ritual to multiply the benefits of homam. At present, we offer two variants of homam – 1. Mantra Siddhi Homam 2. Nava Graha Homam

Due to coronavirus, we are only offering online homam where the homam is done on behalf of the participant. We arrange all the ingredients and the homam is broadcasted on Zoom so that the participant and his/her friends or family members can join from any place of the world. It takes 45 minutes to 1 Hour to perform the Homam. Generally, we perform it during Sunrise or Sunset time unless someone has preference for other timings.

  1. Cost of Mantra Siddhi Homam: 2000 Rupees
  2. Cost of Nava Graha Homam: 2500 Rupees

How to register for Homam?

You can whatsapp me on 7995465737 atleast 2 weeks prior to the date on which you want homam to be performed. Homam is performed by me and my husband Balachander (Both of us are mantra siddhi practitioners trained by Ruchi & Sanjil and we have been doing homam personally since 2016). We prefer weekends for homam. We will try our best to accommodate the date you have chosen but some times, it may not work and we may need to reschedule.

How to learn esoteric homam?

Esoetric homam is a great process which takes us into the lap of the divine effortlessly. Good news is anyone can learn this process. Eligibility to learn this is – Arhatic Prep 2 course. Once you have completed this course you can enroll in mantra siddhi course and learn how to perform homam. Esoteric homam is beautiful and meditating on fire brings tremendous peace. So, we encourage you to learn this and taste the joy of doing Homam yourself.

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