I have this firm belief that if I practice my Guru’s teachings regularly and properly , my life will be beautiful and worth-while irrespective of the up’s and down’s of life but my biggest problem was my inability to practice the teachings regularly. I am not that busy person but I am not disciplined enough to practice the teachings regularly. I have done my Basic Pranic Healing course in 2009 and after that I did several courses back to back but I could not practice any of the teachings for 3 years no matter how much I tried.

In 2012, tough situations forced me to practice the teachings and I did Meditation on Twin Hearts and Tithing for few months. After that also, I continued some practices but practicing Arhatic Schedule was a distant dream for me(Arhatic schedule is a systematic process of practicing various meditations and virtues taught in Arhatic prep-2 course) . I have prepared time tables, planned many times, took strong resolutions to practice but I just could not practice Arhatic Schedule. Forget Arhatic Schedule, I could not even practice Blue Triangle(a 10 minutes practice taught in Arhatic prep-2 to overcome inner weaknesses) for more than 40 days. My constant worry for days and days was how to practice the teachings given by Master. My practices were on and off and it was very depressing to me. 

With great will, I could practice Arhatic Schedule for 40 days in 2014 and after that no matter how much I tried, I could not cross 20 days of Arhatic Schedule. My dream was to do Arhatic Schedule for 100 days but this looked like an impossible dream. In March 2018, I reached low phase in terms of spiritual practices. I had all the time in the world. I had great desire to practice Arhatic Schedule. I was doing service and tithing, blue triangle for constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness. Even then, I could not practice Arhatic Schedule. I was fed up with myself and started serious thinking on ways to build my will power.

Several years back, my mentors introduced me to Yoga Nidra and after that I read Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s book on Yoga Nidra. In this book, Yoga Nidra is taught as a tool to overcome weaknesses or to attain goals through the usage of Sankalpa. The book says – anything can fail you in your life but not the Sankalpa made in Yoga Nidra. I read this book in 2013 but did not practice Yoga Nidra much though its an easy process.

In March 2018, by divine grace and blessings(and probably my service and tithing came to my rescue), I remembered Yoga Nidra and I decided to experiment with it to see if this really helps me in building my will power. Good thing about Yoga Nidra is it is quite easy. I just have to lie down in shavasan and listen to Yoga Nidra guided by Guru. Its best not to sleep during Yoga Nidra but there is no harm even if one falls asleep while doing Yoga Nidra.

So initially I started with the Sankalpa for weight loss. I was quite lazy when it came to physical activities. So I thought if Yoga Nidra can change me in this aspect, it can change me in any other aspect of life.After few days of doing Yoga Nidra, I automatically started showing interest in doing physical activities and I did physical activities too.This change in me surprised me. After few days, I tried Yoga Nidra with the sankalpa to wake up early(This has been my dream since my 8th standard and a very tough goal for me). This also worked.These two experiences convinced me that Yoga Nidra can really help me overcome my weaknesses. So I decided to try this for my great passion and my great need- my Guru’s teachings. I know that if I can practice Master’s teachings regularly and properly, I can have everything in life – good health, happiness, prosperity, harmonious relationships, peace, spiritual progress, good karma, virtues. I did not want to use such a powerful tool like Yoga Nidra for small sankalpas like weight loss, waking up early etc and waste my time and effort. So I practiced Yoga Nidra with the below sankalpa

I am practicing Master’s teachings regularly and properly

This actually worked. I could complete 94 days of Arhatic Schedule with no break and its a great miracle for me. Practices happened by themselves. I did not have to put much effort or use great will power. Everything fell in place to support my Sankalpa. My husband and my mother too tried Yoga Nidra with this Sankalpa and they are also able to practice Arhatic Schedule for more than 60 days. Its a great surprise to all of us. This experience taught me that Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool which can help a person tremendously if used in the right direction.

Few pointers on Yoga Nidra
1. Yoga Nidra is very easy.
2. It helps in body and mind relaxation
3. It is an excellent tool to relieve stress
4. It helps in manifesting goals and overcoming weaknesses. Best part about Yoga Nidra is one need not use lot of will towards their goals. All one need to do is nicely lie down, listen to Yoga Nidra, make a Sankalpa during Yoga Nidra and let go. The Sankalpa will manifest by itself.
5. I noticed that once I stop Yoga Nidra with a particular Sankalpa, my old pattern is coming again. For example, when I did Yoga Nidra with the Sanklapa to wake up early, I woke up early but this lasted only till I used this particular Sankalpa. After I changed my Sankalpa, I could not wake up early. Same happened with weight loss and Arhatic Schedule too. This experience taught me its of no real use if I use Yoga Nidra for small goals.I will attain the goals but its a temporary success(I could be wrong but this is what I experienced). I realized I should put a Sankalpa which can give me everything and a Sankalpa which can be continued forever. Thats how I used the above Sankalpa. One can also use Sankalpas like – I am practicing Spiritual teachings everyday properly or I am practicing Theraupetic Yoga everyday properly etc. You can refer to Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s book on Yoga Nidra to understand more about the Sankalpa.
6.If anyone is interested to try Yoga Nidra, you can try this by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati(He is the disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2GRhAFplkI. To gain more benefits, I also recommend you to read Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s book on Yoga Nidra to understand Yoga Nidra and how it works

This tool is an answer sent by the Divine to help me practice the teachings of my Guru. Its an answer sent to me after 9 years of failing, searching, questioning, exploring. I wish many more people benefit from this easy and powerful tool.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu


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